A combination of complex and concentrated natural growth promoter NATCA,Gibbrellicacid and Brassinolides. Brassinolide is a plant hormone. The first isolated brassinosteroid, it was discovered when it was shown that pollen from rapeseed (Brassica napus) could promote stem elongation and cell division. The biologically active component was isolated and named brassinolide.

Advantages of rainbow:
  • Activates the biochemical and enzymatic functions in the plants,improving-metabolic processes.
  • Fast penetration into foliage promotes growth.
  • Increasing the percentage of fruit setting, promoting fruit's enlarging
  • Stimulates photosynthesis process
  • Improving the ability of cold resistance and drought resistance.
  • Improving the ability of disease resistance
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Efficiently relieve harmful effect of pesticide, fungicides and herbicides
  • Increasing activity and energy of seeds and germination percentage
  • Spraying during flowering can resist flower dropping and fruit dropping .

  • Dosage and Usage: Dilute 0.5 Ml of Rainbow in 1 Lt of water and spray on the foliage. It can be mixed and applied with acidic or neutral pesticides. It is a broad spectrum product with rio side effects even in higher doses.

    It can also be used for seed treatment and drip irrigation O.5mll 10 litrewater

    Application: Bio-activator in horticultural crops, industrial crops, tropical crops andfruit trees.Specifically developed to improve the metabolic activities of the crops. Results:
    • Better Fruit setting was noted in Tomato, Pepper, Chilies, Cotton, Pear, Apple & Cherry.
    • Better &bumper vegetative growth was found in all crops including Tea,Grapes,Sandal wood.
    • Greater development of hypogenous systems was found in Rice,Cotton,Tea & Barley.
    • Improves fruit quality (colour, luster, size &brightness) found in Grapes, Tomato, Melon, Strawberry, Cucurbit, Apple, Pear & Peach.
    • Increase in sugar content (brix) was noted on Grape, Mango, Watermelon,& Plum.
    • Increased resistance to adverse climatic condition was noted in all the crops.
    • Early flowering was seen on Tomato, Chilies, Black Pepper, Brinjal & Chick Pea.
    • Early and uniform ripening & early harvest can be achieved by spraying in Tomato,Watermelon, Strawberry, Pepper& Wheat.
    • Significant increase in number of Leaf, flower & fruits in most of the crops.
    • It reduces the flower & fruit drop substantially.
    • It also reduces the yellowing & ageing process of plant.
    • Alternate bearing crops can be benefited such as Apricot, Plum &Mango.
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