APPLICATION : An effective organic contact formula to control heliothis & coleoptera


It is an effective alternative to synthetic contact pesticides. The formulation is primarily based on botanical extracts and modified natural oils. This product may be used to control targeted pests on crops which include vegetables, grapes and other crops. This product can be applied up to harvest.

It does not harm the plants or affect the quality of the crop. Foliar spray, covering entire plants should be done at the beginning of pest infestation for effective control. For better result, sufficient volume spray solution should be used for uniform coverage. It is compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides except sulphur based ones.

It does not yield any knock down effect. Upon spraying this contact formula, the insects lay weak and do not feed on further due to its antifeedant properties. The spray blocks insectís breathing spores, interfering with respiration; suffocates and kills them slowly. The insect dies due to suffocation and starvation. Residual activity is limited once the spray is dried. Further damage is controlled immediately after spray, as the insects are no more able to feed on the crops.

Description : Highly viscous liquid
Odour : Specific
Storage stability : Minimum 24 months.

Colloidal suspension of Natural bitters, natural soluble Polymers in sulphonated oils : 100.00%
DILUTION : 1-1.5ML per litre of water.


It is suggested to spray in the evening so that drying of the sprayed solution is delayed.
Crop Target Pests
Cotton Bollworm, pink bollworm, cutworm
Coffee Berry borer
Grapes Thrips, Aphids
Paddy Stem borer
Beans Aphid, Pod borer
Gram Cut worm, Pod borer
Mung / green gram Pod borer
Tomato Fruit borer
Chillies Aphids, Thrips
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