GREEN BIOTECH’S MICRO MATE is a new generation and unique tea spoon feeding technology products are designed with plants needs, growing conditions and the environment in mind. The revolutionary tea spoon feeding approach ensures optimum plant development,maximum high quality yields.MICROMATE is an excellent product containing 100% soluble Potassium Humate, AmoniumHumate, Sea weed extract (ascophyllumnodosum),Fulvic acid,and Micronutrients like Zinc(Zn) , Boron(B), and traces of Copper(Cu), Magnesium(Mn), Molybdenum(Mo), etc,. With organic soluble potassium 11% and Organic soluble nitrogen 9%.

It also contains some plant growth inducers like Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokines,It is a unique formula combines biologically active vitamins, proteins, Protein hydrolytes, flower, root inducing hormones, leaf, bud, stem growth inducers, organic acids, immune inducers, disease suppressors, generated from multi stage fermentation of Ascophyllum nodosum, and Potassium humate and Ammonium humate and lantana extract.

Impact of MICRO MATE on Coffee and Tea:
  • The nutrients present in MICROMATE play very significant role in physiological growth and biochemical processes of plants.
  • Potassium humate and Ammonium humate will supply Potassium (11%) and Nitrogen (9%) respectively to the plant system.
  • MICRO MATE ACT as controlled release fertilizer and has a quick effect.
  • First increase roots. A plant in its fast growing stage or early development will take advantage of the stimulation of the humic acids to grow more.
  • Humate holds cations so they can be observed by plants root, improving micronutrient exchange and transference to the plant circulation system.
  • Stimulates root growth.
  • Reduce drought, stress and improve yield stability of the plant.
  • Reduces heat and salt stress.
  • Increase water uptake and stimulates tip growth.
  • Increases nutrient up take and makes nutrients available to the plant.
  • Reduce absorption of toxic metals, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Stimulate chlorophyll formation
  • Increase blooming duration and fruit quantity and quality
  • Slow down the ageing process.

    N:P:K 9:2:11
    HUMATE 65%
    Zn:B 1500ppm:650ppm
    GROWTH HARMONE Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokines
    ROOT IRREGATION Dilute it in 500gm/200 liters water.

    The Super potassium F humate produced by our company is 100% water soluble with 75% potassium humate and powdered form fulvic acid 15%. It is thick concentrate of humic substance that contains humic and fulvic acids. Good quality leodranite and various biologically active trace elements as humic&fulvic acid complexes are used. One of the key components present in soil is fulvic acid that cuts down the metal ions and as it has ability to dissolve soil minerals. Our product enhances the availability of nutrition and metal fulvic complexes that are proficient in entering plant cells. Our product not only reduces nutrient loss but also improves it from root system. It promotes the root development and improves the structure of the soil. The prescribed dosage of this product is 2 gram/10 liter that can also be diluted as 15% and repacked in bottle.

    Foliar Application :
  • Improves the efficiency of pesticides.
  • Stimulates the growth of the plant by increasing biomass production
  • Increases the nutritional value of the plant
  • Improves the quality of plant as it increases the yielding

  • Our product is extracted from fresh ascophyllum nodosum that are non toxic and 100% natural. This fertilizer is rich in natural hormones and trace elements such as cytokinines, gibberellins, and auxins that help the plant in various ways. Our product is a reputed fertilizer for organic farming and is used only on crops. A very little addition of our seaweed increases the yielding to a great extent.

    The trace minerals used in our product is naturally chelated in organic compounds that can easily break down by plant and soil system. Seaweeds contains natural balance of the elements, making it an ideal supplement and also contains mannitol, which is a natural chelating agent that can release the locked minerals from the soil.

    Our product provides micro nutrients that are essential for the plant and production of catalytic enzymes which is vital for almost ever function from growth to reproduction. For the proper rooting system of the plant, applying seaweed extract is essential as it accelerate the growth and the nutritional value of the plant.

    Seaweed extract provides micro nutrients essential to plants for the production of catalytic enzymes. These enzymes are critical in almost every function of a living plant from photosynthesis to reproduction. It speeds up the acclimatization process even when the plant cannot hold cold stress as it helps to stand greater level of cold and reduces amount of damage

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