The core endevour of GREEN BIOTECH is to provide the farming community best possible organic agro inputs that are truly eco-friendly and result oriented. We believe that the nature has the remedy to every problem it faces.

We manufacture highly result oriented advanced formulations, employing a blend of Indian traditional knowledge and Pool proof modern manufacturing methods. We have proved that organically derived formulations can very well protect the plants from diseases and pests, without the use of harmful synthetic substances.

We constantly work on exploring new areas for developing innovative organic formulations for crop health. Our formulations are supplied in bulk enabling repacking and marketing under our clients labels.


We practice certain Standard Operating Procedures in manufacturing. And for assuring the best quality, stringent testing measures are employed to check and if necessary to correct the formulations before it is packed as finished goods. Quality is a culture honestly practiced by everyone in the company. We truly and firmly believe that the farming community must get for what it pays.


We offer specialty agro input formulations in ready to pack form enabling our clients to market them under their private labels apart from biodegradable metalworking fluids which are marketed under our own brands.


We extend all possible supports to our esteemed clients be it designing labels, pouches, procuring packing materials, Bentonite granules, transferring method of processing granules with our material etc.


The idea that encouraged us to get into organic farming is to improve the quality and texture of soil. The indiscrimate use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides have left it's harmful traces on the health of humans and environment. Our vision is to explore the second Green Revolution and make India completely an Organic India.


Our vision is to help agriculture make transition to a sustainable organic system of farming which is ecologically stable, economical to farmers and improving the present texture of soil which is left barren due to chemical inputs.

Why us?

GREEN BIOTECH is India’s leading and fastest growing Agro Input provider company based at Karnataka. GREEN BIOTECH is pioneer in research, manufacture & supply of series of many beneficial products for organic farming. Considering the hazards & long term losses of chemical farming & after studying the environmental technologies in different countries, GREEN BIOTECH has developed a production technology especially suitable for Indian agriculture. Company’s motto of “Progressive Diversion from Chemical Farming to organic Farming” has been successfully supported by providing many impressive options. Our policy is to make available high quality products, useful & profitable to the end user


GREEN BIOTECH always believes in team work .Our Company managing director Dr. Naveen Misquith is the person behind all the products which has been manufactured under the name of GREEN BIOTECH. Who is a master graduate in biotechnology.

Under his leadership, research & Development has been in progress in order to introduce new innovative products which are Eco-friendly and Economical to the forming community.

We have a strong & energetic marketing team which works across India with at most enthusiasm. We are conducting many training programs in order to educate the farming community in order get better yield and high turnover.

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