Koleroga or Mahali disease has been a serious disease of areca palms. The disease is prevalent during rainy season. The first sign of the disease is on the nuts on which a water soaked area usually develops towards the base. The green colour of the shell becomes dull green or dark green (Neerugole stage). The diseased area gradually spreads ultimately covering the entire nut. In Western Ghats are we can see lots of economical loss because of this disease. Since from many years Bordo has been sprayed to control this disease.

Change in a mind set:

GREEN BIOTECH as developed a product called BIO CURE which is an excellent product which controls Fruit drop of areca at the time of Rainy season. It has both protective and curative property and acts on disease causing fungus Phytopthora palmaevora. The main thing is that BIO CURE will give long duration control with great effect of phyto tonic . BIOCURE will work effectively for more than 90 days when sprayed with Acti-wett.


BIO-CURE contains Qunazoline an Alkaloide which is extracted from Lantana camara plant and also contains Salt of pent oxide which effectively controls fungal disease.

  • BIO CURE acts on Phytopthora palmaevora fungus (KOLE ROGA) which causes serious damage on areca fruit and gives long duration control.
  • BIO CURE acts as systemic with Apoplastic & symplastic movement in plant.
  • BIO CURE acts as protective as well as curative in action.
  • BIO CURE is eco friendly and does not contain any chemicals.

  • Dosage: Mix 5 ml of BIO CURE in 1 liter of water. Add 0.5 ml of Acti-Wett along with BIO CURE for long duration control and fast action.
    Certified by: Institute of Agriculture Biotechnology.
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