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Insecticides, Fungicides and Plant Growth regulators are sprayed on plant; most of the solution drains off from leaf. Thus, causes under-dose of chemical sprayed resulting in not getting desired results. Additional application is thought to be required which again adds to the incremental cost. Thus, farmers do not get value for their money spent on costly chemicals and think that products are sub-standard. What is effective all purpose adjuvant concentrate that if mixed with pesticides and water can maximize control of insects, diseases and weeds? The answer is ACTI WETT All-purpose Spray Adjuvant ,activator, spreader Concentrate.

ACTI WETT is mixed with pesticides or plant growth regulators while making solution for foliar spray. This mixture enables solution to stick on plant leaf. It also enables sprayed solution in better spread on leaf and enhances its efficiency. Thus, farmers get maximum benefits of products sprayed; giving more value for money spent on costly pesticides and plant growth promoters.

Mode of Action

ACTI WETT contains surfactants that make water “more wet”. These surfactants work on the surface of the water droplet to reduce its tendency to bead up by pulling the water and wax molecules on the surface together. This lessens water surface tension, causing the water droplet to spread out. When water used in pesticides sprays spreads out more evenly, the result is much better pesticide coverage. Adding ACTI WETT also helps herbicides to penetrate the surface of the leaves faster and more evenly.

Direction for Use

With Insecticides, Fungicide, Foliar fertilizers & Defoliators add 5-10 ml ACTI WETT in 15 liters of water and allow to m ix thoroughly.

With Herbicides & Weedicides add 7-10 ‘ml of ACTI WETT in 15 liters of water and allow to mix thoroughly.

The improved pesticides and herbicides performance achieved by using ACTI WETT helps increase yield for a variety of fruits, vegetables and other plants.

SPREADERBetter pesticide coverage & herbicide efficacy
ACTIVATOR Improved performance of pesticides& herbicides
IRRIGATION AID Improves soil penetration of irrigation water

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml
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