Acomine 100 is the systemic salt based fungicide. It gives good preventive and curative control of the disease. It controls and cures Phytopthera on pepper, Downey Mildew on grapes and vegetables, root rot diseases like Fussarium Pythium etc effectively.

Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) should not be confused with phosphorus acid (H3PO3). A single letter difference in the name of chemical compound can make a difference in its properties. Phosphorus acid releases the phosphonate ion (HPO3), also called phosphate, upon disassociation. Like phosphate, phosphonate is easily taken up and called translocate inside the plant. Phosphorus acid and its related compounds are often referred to as phosphonate, phosphate, and phosphonic acid. One of the breakdown product of Aliate(fosetyl-Al) is mono-ethyl phosphonite, which may be taken up by the plant. Inside the plant, fosetyl-Al may ionize into phosphonate, and therefore fosetyl-Al belongs to the same group of phosphorous acid

It is salt of phosphorous acid of pH 7. As it is of neutral pH it can be used with other pesticides also.


Crop ApplicationTargets
Paddy 2-3 applications 25-30 days after transplanting; repeat after one month. Collar rot
Chilies 3-4 applications 30 days after transplanting; repeat after 30 days. Powdery mildew. Root rot disease
Pepper 3-4 applications Quick wilt
Ginger 2-3 applications. Rhizome rot, stem rot (Phytopthera rot)
Grapes 3-4 applications. Powdery mildew.
Mango 2 applications. Powdery mildew.
Vegetables 3-4 applications. Leaf spot, fruit rot, powdery mildew.
Spices 2-3 applications. Capsule rot, root rot, wilt.
Floriculture 2-3 applications. Powdery mildew.
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